Building from source

This page gives instructions on how to build and install Parfis from the source code on various systems.

Obtain the code

We describe the whole process, from cloning the repo to running tests.

  1. Clone the repo:

    To clone the repo, run the following command from the folder where you want the parfis folder to be created:

    git clone

CMake options

You can add build options through command-line arguments with the call to cmake. Build options:

  • BUILD_LIB (default ON). Should library be build at all (usefull when you want to generate documentation.

  • PARFIS_STATE_TYPE_DOUBLE (default ON). The parameter defines the type for the state vector used in parfis. The state vector defines the position and velocity of particles. The default type is float. If state type is double, the memory needed for particle states is twice the size of the float state.

  • BUILD_DEBUG (default OFF). Build all binaries in debug mode. Debug version get the d suffix.

  • BUILD_PARFISAPP (default OFF). Builds executable file parfisApp that functions as a terminal interface towards the Parfis program. The executable is build in the location /build/bin/parfisApp.

  • BUILD_DOXYGEN (default OFF). Builds doxygen documentation in the folder build/doc/doxygen.

  • BUILD_SPHINX (default OFF). Builds sphinx documentation in the folder build/doc/sphinx.

  • BUILD_GOOGLE_TEST (default OFF). Clones the googletest repo and builds the project needed for testing. The build location is /build/lib/googletest.

  • BUILD_GTESTALL (default OFF). Builds executable gtestAll that runs all google tests. The location of the executable is /build/bin/gtestAll.

  • COPY_LIB_PYTHON (default OFF). Should parfis lib files be copied to the python-pacage for generating pypi package.

  • NBSPHINX_EXECUTE (default ON). Should nbsphinx be executed when generating doc.

  • PARFIS_LOG_LEVEL (default 0). Bitmask for the Logger, corresponds to bitmasks defined in parfis::LogMask.

For example:

If we want to build debug version with full logging for the first four levels we can use the following cmake settings:


After obtaining the code, go into the parfis dir, create build dir and run cmake configuration and cmake build.

For Linux/Windows we use CMake, and we run it from the build directory. The full set of commands, with default settings for cmake, is given in the following block of code:

cd parfis
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build . --config Release

Other configurations and build scripts are given in the parfis/script folder.